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Strip Game
I live in a small town in the middle of nowhere. It's usually a real drag with nothing to do, so my honeyfriends came over to keep me company. I share everything with my honeyfriends, we were on the topic of sex and it was no exception. Lately I'd found myself to be really horny... I wasn't sure if it was just my hormones or if the ladies felt it too, so I decided to casually bring it up in conversation. "So, how you ladies been?" I asked to which they replied with generic "Pretty good" and "Not bad" So out I came with it. "I've just been really horny, lately." And response to my confession, Betty admitted to the same thing. "There's just nothing to DO in this town!!" I exclaimed. Then admitted, "I haven't seen a naked man in like... must be two or three months easily" "You win! That's the longest!" Betty laughed after she and Sheila admitted not having seen a naked man in a while as well. It was very apparent that we were all going through a dryspell. We decided to remedy the situation once and for all, tired of doing the same old thing and thinking of better ways to cure this irritating boredom. The ladies and I were going to call a guy we knew over, for some sexy fun and humìlìatìon. So we sat around and thought, who was the stupidest guy we knew? A guy who was blinded by pussy. Somehow the ladies and I all through of the very same person. His name was Lance. He was a a very gullible and desperate guy who'd do anything for a little attention for the ladies. So we called him over for a little stripping game, picking names out of a hat to see who'd have to peel their clothing off first. What Lance wouldn't know however... were that all of the names would be his. After calling him up and telling him he'd be playing the game with just my honeyfriends and I, it took no time for him to appear straight at our door. "Look who I found..." Betty announced as she led Lance into the living room. He made his rounds hugging each one of us, no doubt attaining some sexual pleasure out of it before relaxing next to us. Sheila casually explained the theme of the game to Lance. We saw a gleam in his eye. "I think I could deal with this game." He excitedly said as he rubbed his hands together. Everyone sat down in a circle as Sheila shook the hat of names around. Sheila was up first. After grabbing the piece of paper, she unfolded it and smugly read, "Lance" Lance obviously disappointed, threw off his socks and held out the hat impatiently, waiting for me to draw out the next name. I grabbed the paper and read out his name again. The ladies and I could tell Lance was a little frustrated. "How many times is my name IN there!?" He demanded to know. After some petty reassurance, he peeled off his black t-shirt. Betty was next and inevitably announced Lance's name. He was kind of pissed but he complied. It wasn't long before our game was working and he was completely naked. He drew out every name and figured out it was a con.Angry and humiliated, he reached out for his clothes. The ladies and I pleaded for him to stay, explaining we were only bored and we promised to make it up to him. A bit hesitant at first, Lance agreed to stay. We enticed him with some honey on honey kissing and noticed his cock stiffening. I told him to sit on the couch. The ladies and I surrounded him and began lubricating his cock with some sex gel. Sheila guided her hand up and down his hard shaft as Betty and I massaged his plump balls. His chest heaved in sexual lust as the ladies and I worked his cock. His cock was so slippery. We felt it throbbing involuntarily as we jerked his meaty dick, his hips subtly bucking into our firm grasp as we milked him into sexual bliss. Betty sat in the middle using her personal handjob techniques on Lance. His moans became louder and louder as he sat up in deep lust. We watched him writhe as his eyes shut, completely succumbing to such dirty physical pleasure. "Oh my god..." He uttered. His grunts spilled from his throat as he ejaculated into the air. We cheered him on as his cum spewed every which way, splattering onto his abs. "You can go now." Betty said with a chuckle. Thanks to Lance we were all very thoroughly entertained.
Cock Massage
It started out as a typical day. I'd decided to get amuch deserved massage for my neck. It was so sore from painting last weekend, it was killing me. I arrived at the massage therapist's place totally unaware of the events that were about to unfold. "One moment!" I heard a receptionists voice as I entered the room. "Okay" I said as walked over to sit on the massage bed. The woman came walking down the hall towards me.She was a hot It was a red-headed babe with long legs and petite frame. "so, you here for a massage today?" She asked. I explained what'd happened the weekend before, and she smirked as she said, "That old kink in the neck... we'll work that out for you..." She explained on about some sort of packages they had to offer. A traditional being a basic, a role reversal; where you massage each other; and a happy ending; of course we all know what happens then. There was no way I was turning any of that down. "I'll take all three!" I decided. She motioned at someone to enter the room. A beautiful babe with sexy body came in. "Here is your masseuse!" The receptionist said as she motioned to the woman. I found myself briefly fantasizing both women working my cock. "Hi, I'm Amber." She introduced herself. "Enjoy!" The receptionist said as she walked out.The hot masseuse handed me a towel and instructed me to strip down to wear it. After I'd grabbed it she just stood there staring at my crotch. I felt a little shy and inquired, "Isn't there like a screen or another room I could go into..?" "Ohh!! I won't look!" She said as she turned away. As she faced the wall, I peeled off my shirt and jeans wrapping the towel tightly around my waist. "Okay you can turn around now." She smiled and motioned towards the bed. I climbed ontop of it, putting my head into the face rest. She walked around the bed and plunged her fingertips into my back, kneading and working my skin. I told her about my stresses as she groped and played with my muscles. Her hands ran up and down my body, sensually touching thighs. "Hey uh... when would the role reversal come into play?" I coyly asked. "Whenever you would like it too..." The masseuse playfully said as she grinned. I told her I decided it was what I'd wanted. "Do you get to take off your clothes too?" I asked. She explained that she could only take off her clothes up to her bra and panties, otherwise it'd be illegal. I didn't mind too much as she peeled off her top and shorts. She slowly crawled laid on her back up top the bed awaiting my hands. I wasted no time in massaging her half naked body, paying close attention to her breasts and thighs. I hummed as I kneaded her sexy body, my cock swelling as I felt her skin. I suppose I may have gotten a litle carried away after a while because she interrupted and said "Okay! I think it's time to finish you now!" I was worried I was too aggressive, but she explained and said, "I'm not really allowed to enjoy my massage." Understandable. She scooted off the bed and I climbed on hornier than ever. "You don't mind if don't get dressed..." "Oh no! Not at all!" I confirmed excitedly as she began working my upper thighs. "So um... what type of kinks do you have?" She asked as she hovered over my pelvic region. I technically stated a list of all the aches and pains I assumed she was talking about. The masseuse told me she I'd misunderstood her and said she meant kinky fetishes. I felt my cock twitch as I imagined all the possibilities of my fantasy coming true. "You know, I was wondering since I'm getting the whole package... if the receptionist could help?" Amber told me the receptionist was also conveniently a trained masseuse, specializing in the lower region. As Amber worked my neck, the receptionist began rubbing my hard cock over the towel. It wasn't long before it was removed and her hands gropped my bare dick. Amber came and spat all over my cock head, the receptionist scooped it up and used it to lather my dick. Both of them were so eager to massage my dick, working their fingers and palms so expertly. Amber reached behind her and grabbed oil. She doused my crotch in oil and proceeded to help the receptionist in jerking me off. I bucked my hips into their hands and felt the stirs of an orgasm approaching. The recptionist payed close attention to my balls as Amber pumped feverishly at my cock. My moans became uncontrollable as my semen violently burst from my cock and onto their hands and arms. "Oh my g- ...that was incredible." I watched as Amber and the receptionist licked my cum off their fingers and then lock lips themselves.
Truth or Dare
My roomate Jacklyn and I were chilling with a couple of her honey friends last week. We were all getting pretty bored and finally decided to play a game. Jacklyn being the adventurous one, suggested we play a dare game. She had us write various dares down on a piece of paper which were then folded and tossed into a glass bowl. Each of us were going to pick one paper out of the bowl and attempt the dare. This could get interesting, I thought as I glanced honeys. "So who wants to go first?" Jacklyn asked. "I wanna go first!!" Tammy eagerly replied with her hand in the air. We passed her the bowl and watched as she unfolded her chosen paper. "It says... pick someone to kiss for thirty seconds." She smirked and turned to Jen. "I pick you." We all chuckled and waited for them to lock lips. Tammy leaned into Jen and began making out with her in the most sensual way. This sexy visual was turning me and without a doubt Jacklyn on. We sat back and watched as they passionately tongue wrestled for thirty seconds. They pulled away giggling with excitement. I was next and nervous about what I was going to pick. But by sheer luck I happened to pick a dare that I wrote for the honeys. "All honeys must strip down to their bras and panties." We all laughed as the dare was very typical coming from me.The honeys stood up and began slowly peeling off their clothes one by one. The lacy undergarments accentuated their ample breasts and hot figures. I could feel my dick getting hard but tried to control myself as they went on with the game. Jacklyn was next to pick.She dipped her hand into the bowl and pulled out a folded paper. It read, "I have to pick someone to give a sexy lapdance to! Ooohh... so many options." Please pick me, please pick me, I eagerly thought. Much to my delight, Jacklyn indeed decided to pick me. What I didn't expect, was that she was going to remove my clothes first. She stood up and began undressing me down to my bare ass. There's no hiding my hard dick now. I sat back down on the couch and let her slide her sexy body all over me as she seductively danced her way around me. Jacklyn could really dance, she had me convinced she'd been a stripper at one point in her life. I couldn't take it anymore, I had to touch myself. So I began, jerking my cock, watching her as she made her snake-like moves right in front of my eyes. The other honeys sat either side of me growing a little inpatient.It wasn't soon after Jen announced she'd wanted to have a go at the dare bowl. I was sad to see this dare end, but curious to know what was next. "Pick someone to masturbate in front of everyone else." Jen read as she slyly looked around the room. "I think you get to blow your load, baby!" She giggled. "Alright, I'm not going to argue with that logic at all." I said. And what man would with that offer?The honeys sat down on the couch together huddled with their interest set on my cock as I stood and jerked off for them. They encouraged me with their little moans, squeezing their tits together as they grinned in anticipation. Tammy grabbed a few wineglasses behind her and they all held them under my cock. Seeing these hot honeys all eager and ready for me to cum made me blow my load. I erupted all over those glasses, a few drops spilling onto their flesh. "That was hot." Tammy declared. "Yes it was." Jacklyn agreed. I was certain Jacklyn and her friends would come over next weekend for a few more of these sexy games.
Cock Painting
Our roomate Kylie is one of the most eccentric people Jaime and I have ever known. She was always into the most kinky and bizarre things. It's always been really fun hanging out and doing interesting things with her. Little did I know, that we were going to become involved in some kinky activity ourselves. Jaime and I were discussing her new and supposedly very artistic boyfriend, who was about to arrive any moment. Chuckling and gossping, Kylie heard us and came into the room. "Are you guys talking about me again?" She facetiously asked. "About your new boyfriend.""Oh my god!" Kylie began. "Jack? I haven't told you about him yet? He's a painter!." "Well, what's his specialty, though?" I asked Kylie. "He doesn't really use paintbrushes... we call it cock-painting." She grinned. Jaime and I giggled at the strange concept, asking "Does he just like slap the cock on the paper?" "My friends come over, or I come over and jerk him off - " Before Kylie could finish explaining Jack entered... with a fucking boner! I was pleasantly surprised to see that he was well-endowed. "This is Jack!" Kylie announced. After greeting him Kylie continued, "All we have to do is jack him off and get his load to cum on the paper." Jaime and I looked at her like she was nuts. "Are you fucking kidding me? Are you serious!?" "Oh, is she telling you guys about my artwork?" He asked. "Yeah, she's just getting into it." We said. Jack was a really attractive guy, I felt seduced just by his presence. They could tell we were both getting horny so Kylie suggested, "Do you guys wanna see how it works... or help out?" Jaime and I excitedly laughed and agreed to participate. "This is SO crazy!" Jaime exclaimed. I couldn't believe we were actually going to go through with this. I felt so nervous and eager at the same time. We asked if he'd sold any of these paintings to which he admitted, "Well not yet... actually Kylie lapped up the last painting." Jaime and I burst out laughing as that was very like Kylie to do. Jack peeled off his clothes and stood up on the bay window ledge so we could access his cock easier. Kylie grabbed a blank sheet of paper and set it close by. Jaime boldly grabbed ahold of Jack's cock along with Kylie and began tugging on it. I slid my hand up his muscular thigh and made my way to his thick boner, gently massaging his fuck meat. "Okay.. this is like really crazy!! Out of all your boyfriends!!!" Jaime declared with a hungry grin on her face. "I think it's awesome that my wife brings over her girlfriends to play with my paintbrush.I can't really lose here." Jack joked. "Don't call me your wife!" Kylie laughed. "It's just wishful thinking." He winked. We continued to milk his shaft, feeling him subtly bucking his hips into our warm grip. As we stroked him, we began asking him more questions about this odd profession. He struggled to answer as he succumbed to Kylies expert stroking technique. All three of us caressed his genitals, kneading and rubbing around every crevice of his raging hard on and testicles. "The things she gets us into!" I said with lust. "I knew you guys wouldn't mind a little painting here and there." Kylie smirked at me. "There we go, stroke that brush, baby." Kylie encouraged us. Jacks groans became louder and his pelvic thrusts became more passionate as we enthusiastically groped and fondled his shaft. Kylie caught a few drops on paper as Jacks precum seeped out of his cockhead. The semen spatters actually looked pretty cool. It encouraged us to feverishly continue jerking him. Jack moaned, and his breathing became frantic as his load spewed all over the paper. Kylie made sure to get every last drop before she folded the paper in half, spreading his cum all over the sheet. "That's my version of the Rorschach inkblot test." Jack joked. The babes and I discussed what the splatter resembled. "Thank you so much for sharing that with us." Jaime and I thanked. We were very impressed with the abstract design we all created and adopted a newfound fondness of this very erotic type of art. Kylie assured us we'd be involved in yet another cock-painting session. Needless to say, Jaime and I were VERY pleased.